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Green Roof Installations- Countryside has installed over 350,000 square feet of green roof throughout the Chicagoland area. Aside from providing a welcoming haven to the residents and wildlife in the city, the green roof helps to lower temperatures during the hot summer months. In addition, it uses plants to reduce storm water runoff, reduce building energy requirements and creates conditions for longer lasting roof systems.

Energy Efficiency Programs- Countryside continually participates in ComEd energy efficiency programs to further reduce energy usage. We utilize LED motion activated lighting in our office.

Fuel Efficiencies- We recently updated our entire fleet of vehicles and equipment to reduce emissions while getting better fuel efficiency. We utilize GPS in all of our vehicles, lawn mowers, and snow equipment to track routing efficiencies and cut down on idle time.

Other Green Practices- Paperless time tracking, locally sourced material (helps reduce emissions), leaf mulching (instead of hauling away), composting organic landscape waste, and recycling of all plastic, paper, aluminum etc. materials.

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